Resources Amalgamation

Resources Amalgamation

Philanthropic Donations

All services of CCAF are free of charges. Our operating expenses depend on donations from the general public, charity trusts, corporations, as well as occasional project matching grants applied through various SAR government departments. In April 2018, we are greatly encouraged to be admitted as agency member of the Community Chest of Hong Kong.

We are grateful to generous donations from the following parties: (The following are in random ranking. The list of donors is in no way exhaustive)

Service Collaborators

CCAF makes its best efforts to ensure that donation funding is optimized on senior care. We proactively seek co-operation opportunities with other social welfare and volunteer institutions in the community, to jointly offer a unique service that adds value to each other’s original service objectives. Our host NGO offers the space, while CCAF would offer the professional personnel to conduct the health care programs. By unifying respective strengths of the healthcare and social welfare sectors, we strive to provide the best service for the elderly.

We are grateful for the support from the following parties: (The following are in random ranking)

Community Volunteers

Volunteers forms a welcome source of operation support to help cope with the high demand for elderly service. They come from all walks of life including students, corporate volunteers, and office workers. Young olds are particularly our target recruits as during their service to the “old” olds, they might accrue age-related health care tips earlier to equip themselves to face the challenge ahead more easily.

  Volunteer Work

Nursing care Volunteers:

  • Remind elderly of return consultation appointments and drug schedule compliance
  • Pharmaceutical safety
  • Routine Health checks
  • Accompany seniors to clinic visits
  • Coaching physical exercise of seniors

Caring Ambassador :

Comprising young olds, and students in medical/nursing training. They perform home visiting for health and household environment assessment
  • Provide home visits and basic healthchecks to solitary or mobility-challenged seniors
  • Provide exercise training for seniors at home
  • Use questionnaires to evaluate senior living conditions
  • Referral to social workers or nurses when appropriate
  Volunteer Training

CCAF registered nurses and social workers will provide at least six hours of training to our volunteers for proper home visits and interacting with the elderly.
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Professional Volunteers

To cope with the continuous rising demand for medicare of the ageing population, CCAF initiated the recruitment of a professional volunteer team that we fondly called V-Hero team comprising medical professionals from different disciplines to provide from head to toe care service to the elderly. We strive to bring the elderly, their caregivers, and our dedicated team of healthcare professionals closely together through:
  • health talks and healthcare training
  • training for CCAF registered nurses and social workers
  • publishing of health training materials
  • free medical consultations

Our V-Hero team includes medical professionals as follows (in random ranking) :
  Dr Chan Wah Fat
Doctor in Geriatric Psychiatry

Dr Chuang Lai
Doctor in Geriatric Medicine

Dr Sandra Lee
Dental surgeon

Mr. Ryan Lau

Mr. Terence Chow

Mr. Billy Li

Mr. Danny Chan
Occupational therapist

Mr. Ivan Lee

Mr. Vin Ip
Registered Dietitian
Mr. Eric Fung
Registered Optometrist

Ms Annabelle Wong

Ms Mishell Chung
Clinical Psychologist

Christine Wong PHD
Clinical Psychologist

Ms Hilda Li
Clinical Psychologist

Ms Teresa Yeung
Clinical Psychologist

Mr. William Ku
Registered Nurse

Ms Hilda Law
Registered Nurse

Ms Lucia Chiu
Registered Nurse