Health Education and Promotion

Health Education and Promotion

Health education is essential to impart proper health knowledge among the seniors, raise awareness of adverse factors that will endanger their health, and induce sufficient training to empower them regain or strengthen their self-care ability. Prevention is always better than cure.

Health Talks

Health talks by medical professionals throughout the year raise awareness of common diseases (osteoporosis, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, metabolic syndrome etc) among seniors, sharing of pharmaceutical guidance and healthy diets are often done.
Health Checks

Provide basic health checks such as blood pressure and pulse readings on a regular basis.

Organize mass health check events to enable elderly to understand about their own health condition and to identify undiagnosed health issues, and to offer follow-ups.

Set up health education exhibitions in the housing estates for easy accessibility to lure the elderly take a more proactive attitude towards regular health check.
Empowerment on Healthy Living

Provide exercise training in muscle strengths and balance control

Promote healthy diets, healthy daily routines, and drug compliance

Provide home visits to mobility-challenged seniors